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In the most sought-after seas

Acantilado guarantees the fishing of the most valuable species in the seas best suited to their growth. This selection and the deep knowledge of the world seas allow us to offer the most exclusive catch. Each marine habitat has its own particularities that contribute to giving each fish species its own well-defined and incomparable primacy in flavor and aroma.
Acantilado, thanks to the knowledge of these fishing places and also to the long and still actual tradition in fish processing, offers unique and excellent marine specialties to the most demanding palates.

Specialties on the table

Each specialty, for true connoisseurs of fish products, is best enjoyed in purity or, if desired, accompanied by a few drops of lemon to enhance all its characteristics: perfection of cleanliness, typical and uniform color and characteristic flavor of the species.
As for the sea urchin, we suggest to use it typically on spaghetti or even on Champagne risotto. Smoked cod liver, as a suggestion, will best express its velvety taste with particular salads or accompanied by eggs.

Acantilado: fish excellences from seas of great traditions


The precious anchovies
of the Cantabrian Sea with the most distinguished flavor


Authentic anchovy fillets
from the Cantabrian Sea

Tuna and

Exclusive fish preserves
from the best catch


An original selection
of fish excellences

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