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Fish fillets of the Mediterranean tradition

Thanks to the deep knowledge of the processing processes ideal for the most well-known fish species such as tuna and anchovies, Sangiolaro also offers its admirers a selection of fish specialties with an intense flavor such as mackerel, and also with a refined flavor such sea bream and sea bass fillets:this type of fish has very fine meat and requires extremely skilled workers that have worked over the decades to be able to best express all the flavor of such preserves. Fishing, cooking, filleting, potting: all the steps are carried out by expert hands in order to keep the taste of each specialty intact while preserving its organoleptic properties.

Specialties on the table

The fillets of mackerel, sea bream and Sangiolaro sea bass are best tasted in purity to enhance all their characteristics: thoroughness of cleaning, size of the fillets, pulpy meat, uniform color and characteristic flavor for each species. We also suggest using these fish preserves with seasonal vegetables both raw and steamed, or with cannellini beans topped with onion slices. Versatile and fast, these preserves can be used in both classic and more modern recipes: as a decoration for soups and potage, as an accompaniment to savory flans and soufflés or even as the main ingredient of mixed citrus salads.

Sangiolaro: Italic excellence in the selection of fish and craftsmanship

Salted anchovies
‘alla vera carne’

A selection of the best blue fish processed on the fishing grounds


Excellent anchovy fillets filleted by hand according to ancient traditions

Tuna, Ventresca
and Bottarga

Tuna and the finest craftsmanship in the Mediterranean


Seafood delicacies fished in the Mediterranean and processed fresh

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