Tuna, Ventresca and Bottarga

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Tuna and the workers of our seas

The preserve most dear to our tradition, tuna, is treated in every passage from the sea to the final product, with extreme dedication, knowledge of the procedures and passion.
All Sangiolaro tuna is handcrafted, as all stages of processing are done completely by hand, fish by fish, and this is appreciated by the irregular shape of the fillets. Furthermore, through our commitment to preserving the manual work behind each of our products, we are proud to contribute to the development of the Italian coastal economy, our culture, workers and Mediterranean canning traditions.

Tuna on the table

The Sangiolaro tuna fillets are best enjoyed in purity to enhance all their characteristics: completeness of cleaning, size of the fillet, pulpy meat, uniform color and strong and intense flavor. We also suggest using this fish preserve with seasonal vegetables both raw and steamed, or with cannellini beans topped with onion slices.
Versatile and fast, it is an excellent ingredient for summer sandwiches, salads and cold dishes with spelled, lentils or couscous. For more delicate dishes we suggest the use of Alalunga tuna, with a softer taste.

Sangiolaro: Italic excellence in the selection of fish and craftsmanship

Salted anchovies
‘alla vera carne’

A selection of the best blue fish processed on the fishing grounds


Excellent anchovy fillets filleted by hand according to ancient traditions

Tuna, Ventresca
and Bottarga

Tuna and the finest craftsmanship in the Mediterranean


Seafood delicacies fished in the Mediterranean and processed fresh

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