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Salted anchovies

Albatros salted anchovies, coming from uncontaminated seas, reach the factory in the shortest possible time, where they are processed after a careful selection. The quality of the fish is important in itself, but the freshness and processing procedures are equally important. Beginning with the first salting, all stages of processing are carried out by hand. The hulling, evisceration and cleaning are all processes that must be carried out by skilled hands so that the fish reaches the customer intact. All our knowledge affects the pressing and maturation so that, placed in cans or tubs, the anchovies retain their aroma until the moment of consumption.

Salted anchovies on the table

Salted anchovies are one of the fundamental ingredients of our gastronomic culture both as a main element and as a ‘hidden’ element. Once washed and filleted the anchovies are excellent covered with oil, minced garlic and parsley. For sauces accompanying meats, boiled or grilled fish, they are ideal in green sauce, excellent for ‘bagna cauda’ and versatile in any type of pasta sauce with tomatoes or even in white. Salted anchovies are also a basic ingredient for spreadable sauces, hot croutons, pizzas and salads.

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