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The finest tuna

The Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna is fished throughout the year, but the one we process is caught only between the end of May and the first half of June. Called outward tuna, because it is fished during its journey to the breeding grounds, it is in this period that the bluefin tuna releases its best qualities and is characterized by particularly nutritious and tasty meats.
For our production we select the largest fish: having reached full maturity, they express both their nutritional and sensorial qualities to the maximum.

Ventresca Red Tuna on the table

This very precious part that covers the sides and abdominal cavity of the fish is characterized by very tender and fatty meats, therefore it too expresses the best of its characteristics when eaten alone. If you want to use it to enrich original dishes, it can be served with a simple sweet and sour orange sauce or on toasted bread with tomatoes and crunchy onion.
The characteristic delicate taste of ventresca goes well with more typical dishes of our Mediterranean tradition such as pasta, salads, couscous and different types of rice.

Sangiolaro Vecchia Tonnara products are processed 100% in Italy


Only the finest Red Tuna from
the Mediterranean

Ventresca of
Red Tuna

The fattest part of the delicious
Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna

Bottarga of
Red Tuna

The delicious eggs of the
Mediterranean Bluefin

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