Seafood excellences from traditional places

In the seas where the finest fish is found, our company selects the best fish with dedication in order to offer the pleasure of unique and refined products. The best specimens reach, full of flavor from the sea, the artisan workshops where they are processed to satisfy the most demanding consumer, always respecting the necessary rhythms for a perfect maturation.

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Acantilado: fish excellences from seas of great traditions


The precious anchovies of the
Cantabrian Sea with the most distinguished flavor


Authentic anchovy fillets
from the Cantabrian Sea

Tuna and

Exclusive fish preserves
from the best catch


An original selection of
fish excellences

Acantilado, the pleasure of fish

From the places of artisanal tradition and the seas where the best fish is caught, Acantilado preserves the culture of craftsmanship and respect for time: the time of fishingthe time of processing, the time of maturation.
For the pleasure of tasting unique products.

Operazione/progetto co-finanziato/finanziato dal POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
azione 3.1.1 a3 “Aiuti finalizzati al contrasto dell’emergenza epidemiologica COVID-19” Fondo investimenti Toscana –
aiuti agli investimenti. Potenziamento magazzino e realizzazione nuovo impianto dedicato.

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