The simplicity of the fish for the most convenient quality/price ratio in practical formats.

Ghezzi Alimentari, operating from the 64th to the 34th parallel north, is able to offer a wide variety of preserves and semi-preserves. Corallo satisfies the constant transformation of market needs, proposing formats of different sizes and functional packaging for every type of customer.

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Corallo: quality and price in practical formats

Anchovy fillets

Anchovies, the bread of the sea

Tuna fish

The most prized species in gastronomy

Sardines, ‘Alacce’ and Mackerel

The sea wolf’s food

Corallo: knowledge of the raw material

Only thanks to a deep knowledge of the raw material and of both traditional and innovative canning techniques, we are able to guarantee quality products at an affordable price. Each fish species of the wide range proposed by Corallo requires an experience made available, for more than half a century, at the service of the canned and semi-preserved market.
All our passion and all our commitment are visible in the careful selection of the raw material, in the cleaning of the fish, in the transformation from fresh to preserved and in the perfect potting of every single fish.

Operazione/progetto co-finanziato/finanziato dal POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
azione 3.1.1 a3 “Aiuti finalizzati al contrasto dell’emergenza epidemiologica COVID-19” Fondo investimenti Toscana –
aiuti agli investimenti. Potenziamento magazzino e realizzazione nuovo impianto dedicato.

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