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Anchovy fillets from Mare Nostrum

Anchovies from the Mediterranean Sea, fished off the Italian coast, are considered very valuable, slightly smaller than the Spanish ones from the Cantabrian Sea, they are characterized by an intense and unique flavor. As soon as they are caught, the anchovies are immediately cleaned, then processed, and preserved in salt to retain the flavor of the sea. The right maturation guarantees the exceptional taste of this high quality product.
Subsequently, to prepare the Sangiolaro anchovy fillets, the fish is filleted by hand by expert artisans who have handed down these techniques for generations: it is a job that has remained identical for more than a century. Finally, the fillets are placed in the package together with the olive oil to begin their journey until they reach the most demanding palates.

Anchovy fillets from the Mediterranean Sea on the table

Sangiolaro anchovy fillets are best enjoyed in purity to enhance all their characteristics: perfect cleanliness, size of the fillet, pulpy meat, typically brown-red color and intense and decisive flavor. Traditionally on bread and butter or for canapés both in classic recipes and accompanied by more daring combinations. We also suggest using the fillets in oil with any salad with a Mediterranean flavor: tomatoes, onions, black olives; but also on tagliatelle with cherry tomatoes and citrus fruits or simply spaghetti and breadcrumbs.

Sangiolaro: Italic excellence in the selection of fish and craftsmanship

Salted anchovies
‘alla vera carne’

A selection of the best blue fish processed on the fishing grounds


Excellent anchovy fillets filleted by hand according to ancient traditions

Tuna, Ventresca
and Bottarga

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Seafood delicacies fished in the Mediterranean and processed fresh

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