Salted Anchovies ‘alla vera carne’

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Anchovies ‘alla vera carne’

Fished in the Mediterranean Sea, our anchovies reach the place of processing very fresh, still tasty from the sea. After a rigorous selection of specialized women, with extreme care, they proceed to the craftsmanship: the fish is cleaned, hulled, dried and then placed by hand in the cans forming “exhibits”, that is to say layers, always made up of the same quantity of fish. Between one “exhibit” and the other, the same amount of salt suitable for the ripening of the fish is put so that between layer and layer there is almost no trace of it and the anchovies remain in contact. This is the procedure defined “alla vera carne” where the flesh of each fish touches the one above and below.

Salted anchovies on the table

Salted anchovies are one of the fundamental ingredients of our gastronomic culture both as a main element and as a ‘hidden’ element. Once washed and filleted the anchovies are excellent covered with oil, minced garlic and oregano or parsley. For sauces accompanying meats, boiled or grilled fish, they are ideal in green sauce, excellent for ‘bagna cauda’ and versatile in any type of pasta sauce with tomatoes or even in white. Salted anchovies are also the ingredient for Tuscan-style crostini with chicken livers, and other spreadable sauces.

Sangiolaro: Italic excellence in the selection of fish and craftsmanship

Salted anchovies
‘alla vera carne’

A selection of the best blue fish processed on the fishing grounds


Excellent anchovy fillets filleted by hand according to ancient traditions

Tuna, Ventresca
and Bottarga

Tuna and the finest craftsmanship in the Mediterranean


Seafood delicacies fished in the Mediterranean and processed fresh

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