100% handcrafted in Italy

Sangiolaro, historical brand of Ghezzi Alimentari, offers a wide range of canned and semi-preserved fish from the Mediterranean tradition.
The best fish is selected to be processed exclusively in compliance with the ancient national maritime customs.
For true connoisseurs we guarantee products processed by expert hands directly on the fishing site, guaranteeing the right ripeness for each species of fish.

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Sangiolaro: Italic excellence in the selection of fish and craftsmanship

Salted anchovies
‘alla vera carne’

A selection of the best blue fish processed on the fishing grounds


Excellent anchovy fillets filleted by hand according to ancient traditions

Tuna, Ventresca
and Bottarga

Tuna and the finest craftsmanship in the Mediterranean


Seafood delicacies fished in the Mediterranean and processed fresh

The name Sangiolaro and its origin

With Sangiolaro, we offer exclusive fish preserves from the Mediterranean Sea and obtained with 100% Italian craftsmanship. Our Sangiolaro brand derives from the fishing that was carried out in the waters of our coasts with the “sangiolo/sanciolo”, the classic net which, together with the “lampara”, constituted one of the essential tools for the “sangiolo/sanciolo” fisherman.

Operazione/progetto co-finanziato/finanziato dal POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020
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aiuti agli investimenti. Potenziamento magazzino e realizzazione nuovo impianto dedicato.

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