Canned fish of Thunnus thynnus:
the Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna

With Sangiolaro Selezione Vecchia Tonnara we offer products derived exclusively from the processing of the highly prized Mediterranean Red Tuna, from which all the most typical tuna products are obtained. Thanks to the excellence of its meat and the processing of skilled artisans, the Red Tuna is processed and each and every part of it is transformed into preserves.

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Sangiolaro Vecchia Tonnara products are processed 100% in Italy


Only the finest Red Tuna from
the Mediterranean

Ventresca of
Red Tuna

The fattest part of the delicious
Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna

Bottarga of
Red Tuna

The delicious eggs of the Mediterranean Bluefin

Tuna Ancient sea traditions

Tuna fishing is a millenary tradition of the Mediterranean Sea where its temperate waters, not below 10 ° C, are the natural habitat for the most prized species of pelagic fish: the Bluefin Tuna. This species, which swims mainly offshore waters, approaches the coasts only at certain times of the year, different from place to place and in certain points, usually near islands or headlands. In these waters, characterized not only by a high percentage of salt but also by a particular marine fauna and flora, the fish that Ghezzi Alimentari transforms into its finest preserves are caught: : the Vecchia Tonnara.
Exclusivity and craftsmanship for a unique product: we would like to underline that the large canning industries do not process this type of tuna.

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