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Ready to cook cod and stock fish

The spearhead of in-house production are our ready-to-cook products. Thanks to our experience and to little secrets that we have kept for generations, we provide our customers with a unique product for: the selection of the best raw material, the cut and finally the delicate soaking process very similar to an artisanal wetting. Subsequently, with the innovative technological process of high hydrostatic pressure (HPP) treatment, our ready-to-cook products combine tradition and innovation. Thus the desalted cod and stock fish are packaged and subjected to high pressure treatment which allows them to maintain their organoleptic characteristics unaltered while acquiring a longer shelf life. The HPP treated products are absolutely healthy and genuine because they do not contain any type of additive or preservative that can alter the qualities of a delicate product such as fish. Thanks to this non-invasive technique, Ghezzi Alimentari offers its customers salubrious, tasty and ready-to-serve cod and stock fish.

Cod and stock fish on the table

Our soaked products are ready to be cooked in the countless recipes of our tradition. From risotto to sauces for both classic and more modern and light first courses. Certainly ideal for warm salads, brandades and soufflé. Our soaked products, with a delicate taste and more adaptable pulp than the classic cod and stock fish, are particularly suitable for quick recipes where minimal cooking is required: marinades, in sauce with capers and olives, seared in water simply with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil or sautéed and placed on skewers with yoghurt sauce.

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and HPP treated

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