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Sea proposals in total originality

The Albatros brand, always attentive to the changing requests for new products by the final consumer, offers under this category a series of original preserves that can offer a valid alternative to the usual fish dishes. Anchovies, sardines and small mackerel are genuine preserves with a convenient format that make the consumption of fish required by our Mediterranean diet accessible and easy.
These original fish preserves make every recipe more appealing without neglecting the authenticity and healthiness of the dish.

Specialties on the table

Each specialty, for lovers of the intense flavor of the sea, is best enjoyed alone or, if desired, accompanied by a few drops of lemon to enhance all its characteristics: cleanliness of the fish, typical and uniform color, characteristic flavor of the species.
For our Albatros sardines and anchovies, the advice is to use them on a crouton with dried tomatoes or ‘confit’, in salads or on grilled polenta dressed with oil and parsley. Likewise small mackerel are very versatile both eaten with raw seasonal vegetables and fruit (oranges, lemons, green apples) and accompanied by caramelized onions or on warm pumpkin and potato creams.

Albatros: all the preserved and semi-preserved products of the fish world


salted blue fish


blue fish in oil


the most traditional fish preserve

Herring fillets

fish traditions from the northern seas


original sea preserves

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