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Anchovy fillets

Some batches of salted anchovies are then destined for the production of fillets in olive oil. After a period of rest, the selected Albatros anchovies are removed from the boxes in which they were placed for maturation in order to be filleted. This operation, at the end of which fillets are obtained without skin or bones, is carried out anchovy by anchovy. The anchovy fillets thus obtained are placed in glass jars of various sizes; then after adding the oil for conservation, the jars are sealed. Here the anchovy fillets retain all their sea aroma, their firm pulp and the pinkish brown color typical of this excellent semi-preserve.

Anchovy fillets on the table

Albatros anchovy fillets are perfect for all the most typical recipes where their intense flavor can enhance the other ingredients.
Ideal for sauces as a condiment to pasta: for example an easy and quick ‘acciugata’ or even puttanesca; the fillets are also excellent in the preparation of hot sauces to season meat, eggs and raw seasonal vegetables. Ideal on pizza, Albatros anchovy fillets can be purchased in formats of all sizes so as to satisfy recipes and quantities of any kind and size.

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