Salted spanish anchovies (5Kg)

Our anchovies are fished between April and May in the Cantabrian Sea when the quality is best, selected by hand and cleaned with particular care. Together with an innovative and captivating packaging, our anchovies meet the attention of the consumer for their uniqueness, taste and because they preserve the culture of entirely artisanal processing and respect for fishing and ripening times.
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Salted spanish anchovies (5Kg)

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Cantabrian Sea, a unique sea
The Acantilado Cantabrian anchovy owes its exceptional nature to various factors: some natural, others due to the particular care with which all the preparation steps of the product are followed. The fish are caught in the renowned Cantabrian Sea where cold and warm currents cross one another, forming a special microclimate where the aquatic fauna, already in the sea, ensures absolutely unique dimensions, pulp and flavor of the fish.
Acantilado, the pleasure of fish

From the places of tradition and the seas where the best fish is caught, Acantilado preserves the culture of craftsmanship and respect for time: the time of fishing, the time of processing, the time of maturation.
For the pleasure of tasting unique products.

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